LineageOS 14.1 [7.1.2][HOT2][MT6580][k3.18.19]

watch_later 2017/10/16

LineageOS 14.1  for MT6580 is an aftermarket ROM based on Android Nougat
 The ROM is stable . It can be used as a daily driver without any issuse 
I believe we all know about LineageOS 14.1 for MT6580 and I don't need to tell you about it
( This ROM is compiled from source by GMCadiom&Tribetman&rock1234&Ibrahim)

Note : This ROM can be ported to any MT6580 device running
 Android Marshmallow 6.0.x with kernel 3.18.x

What's Working :
Audio in calls
SMS (Receive and Send both working)
RIL is now more stable
Dual SIM
Screen Recording
Both Storages (SD and Internal) mounting in both Phone and PC

lineage OS 14.1 Changelog v0.1 (Build 2017-10-14) :
  • -The brightness of the screen does not change(FIXED)
  • -Backlighting works when the screen is locked(FIXED)
  • -The backlight works when the screen is off during a call(FIXED)
  • -Green camera(FIXED)
  • -Camera focus(FIXED)
  • -Video recording(FIXED, secondary solution with CamU 3rd party app)
  • -Low icon signal(FIXED)
  • -widget not working after restart(FIXED)
  • -Swapped SIM cards(FIXED)
  • *All languages have been added
  • *USB Connected to PC
  • *More Smooth And Stable...

lineage OS 14.1 Changelog v0.2 (Build 2017-10-19):
  • -Offline charging does not work(FIXED)
  • -Green front camera(FIXED)
  • -YouTube(FIXED useing [nodpi] Version)
  • *OMS support for substratum theme engine

lineage OS 14.1 Changelog v0.3 (Build 2017-10-19):
  • -some FC(FIXED)

lineage OS 14.1 Changelog v0.4 (Build 2017-10-26):
  • -Stock video player(FIXED)
  • *Video recording but Saving video fails
  • *Added pixel 2 Launcher
  • *Added Pharaohs Site App
  • *Added CDMA to GSM Patch
  • *Added Colored led notification
  • *Added Flash led notification
  • *Added N tweaks

lineage OS 14.1 Changelog v0.5 (Build 2017-11-02):
  • -SMS sand Fc(FIXED)
  • -Some LAG(FIXED)
  • -No 3rd camera apps working(FIXED)
  • -Can't add new Contacts(FIXED)
  • -Drak camera(FIXED)

lineage OS 14.1 Changelog v0.6 (Build 2017-11-04):
  • -Headset in OMD version(FIXED useing SoundAbout 3rd party app)
  • *substratum fully working fine in OMS version
lineage OS 14.1 Changelog v0.8 (Build 2017-11-17):
  • -video player youtube facebook insta(FIXED)
  • -Lag Super Speed 1GB RAMuser can use it(FIXED)
  • *Added Dolby Atmos
  • *Added Magisk
lineage OS 14.1 Changelog v0.8.2 (Build 2017-11-17):
  • -Stock video player(FIXED)
  • -Rrecording Video stock and 3rd party app like FV-5(FIXED)
  • -Video player stock and 3rd party app like MX(FIXED)
  • -unable to add hidden network(WiFi)(FIXED)
  • -2G/3G switch(FIXED)
  • *Added iYTBP Magisk Module
  • *Camera awesome performance
  • *More stable


  • -play store my apps tab FC-> set smallest width to 720dp to fix
  • -Chrome login FC-> set smallest width to 720dp to fix
  • -blackscreen after unlock-> set window animation scale to 0 
Note :

  1. to Enable Headphones open SoundAbout in OMS app->media audio->set it Wired Headphones
  2. to disable Flash Notification go to Setting->Apps->show System->disable last app *China name
  3. to disable LiveDisplay for fix LAG go to Setting->Display->LiveDisplay->Off 
  4. to fix Camra app (error need to restart )Setting->Apps->Camera->FORCE STOP & CLEAR DATA 

 HOT 2 Gapps : Click Here 
please flash Gapps right after you flash the ROM

Install Guide:
  1. Boot to your recovery
  2. Wipe data
  3. Click advanced wipe and check _ Dalvik/ART- Cache - System - Data ->wipe 
  4. Go back and install the ROM
  5. Optionally install Gapps
  6. Reboot & enjoy

Usman Mughal


Still sms and camera bug

delete 10/23/2017

Great rom! Thanks for fixing all bugs sir.& Can you tell me the name of this blog's theme/template?

delete 11/24/2017

I got device uncertified by google, by installing hot 2 gapps, how to fix this?

delete 11/30/2017

Accounts > google bug

delete 12/05/2017

By modifying some data in your phone:D
That is build.prop file.
Here's the guide on solving this problem of uncertified device

delete 12/19/2017

When i play video in youtube, and turn polhone horizontal, i got half screen YouTube playing the video, and half screen goes black, how to fix it?, I check in magisk module youtube background not installed

delete 12/31/2017

My front flash isn't working and camera is shown as 8 MP when it's actually 13. Finally while using phone in landscape mode black patch is seen in half part

delete 1/04/2018

just for me.. why you have in 0.82 (without OMS) in /etc again framework, apps, priv-apps, etc? its twice.

delete 1/20/2018

Oh.. checked the wrong subfolder. It was late :D

delete 1/20/2018

Hi, do you have new status about the fc with some apps?

delete 1/31/2018

Thanks a lot to Pharaohs team for the ROM. Everything working fine now. I got some bugs but I managed to fix them through the guidance provided but I tweaked them a little. I installed GAPPS 7.1 nano ARM instead of HOT 2 GAPPS, this enabled Google assistant on my 1GB Infinix hot 510 which I could not do before without downgrading the Google App.

I solved the bug of play store crashing by setting the smallest screen to 420dp and not 720dp as you recommended. The 720dp made text and graphics too small on my screen. 420dp is perfect. This also solves the problem of other apps crashing. I tried a number of apps. I did not try Nova launcher but I guess it works too. For those who do not know how to set up the smallest width, here are the steps.
1. Enable Developer options ( I guess you know how)
2. Open developer options
3. Scroll down to the "Drawing" section
4. At the end of Drawing section you will find "Smallest width".

Screen turning off during calls

While on call, whether outgoing or incoming, the screen turns off and it's inaccessible until the call ends. This means you cant receive incoming calls or hang up outgoing calls.

Temporary fix for calls
Enable the Volume buttons to receive calls and Power buttons to end call
To do this, just go to Buttons in Settings

Permenet fix for calls
Download another dialer and make it default. Do not download any dialer by Google (Google phone or Phone), they experience the same problem. Try TrueCaller dialer. I did not test Truecaller, I am using Drupe Dialer and its working perfectly.

ROM is great. Everything is working perfectly apart from the bugs and the phone is just a little slow, not as fast as Android one Marshmallow stock ROM.

delete 2/28/2018

The smallest width should be 480dp not 460. Nova launcher is still crushing.

delete 3/01/2018

The Drupe Dialer wasn't so effective. An xda member has solved this dialer issue permanently. Please find the post here

You may want to use Root Explorer instead of ADB. My phone denied ADB root permission. If you got same problem use Root Explorer

delete 3/02/2018

thank you for your support and feedback

delete 3/12/2018

would this work on infinix Hot 3 ?

delete 5/17/2018

Can't find led notification light settings in all menu (even in notification settings) but I can find it if I type and search it.
However, there is no color option. Only frequency and how fast the blink. Any advice?

delete 7/22/2018

sentiment_satisfied Emoticon